General Information

  • Each funeral service is given 45 minutes. This allows plenty of time for the service and allows adequate time for mourners to mingle and chat after the service in a warm, peaceful environment.
  • An extended service can be provided for if required.
  • The funeral service can be as personal or as unique as you wish.
  • The chapel can be personalised for any religion or belief
  • Our chapel attendant will be available at each service.
  • The chapel is warm, welcoming and decorated with flowers.
  • We have seating for around 140 mourners with ample standing room inside the Main Chapel, additional seating for a further 60 mourners in our Secondary Chapel.
  • We have a modern, computerised music system that can provide almost any music choice that may be requested.
  • Photographs can be displayed on a large screen in the Chapel or we can create a photo montage which can be set to a favourite piece of music which can be played during the service.
cremation service

Cremation Service

Once the service is finished and the mourners have left the chapel the coffin will be removed to the crematory. The coffin is cremated exactly as it is received in the crematory and is always cremated separately.

The cremated remains (ashes) will usually be ready for collection in three to five working days. The ashes can be collected by the Funeral Director or the Applicant for Cremation. Another member of the family can collect the ashes, but, only with the written permission of the Applicant. Shannon Crematorium has an “open door” policy and we welcome families to inspect the chapel and the crematory either before the service or following the cremation. Please contact the office to arrange for a visit.

Following the cremation service, we at Shannon Crematorium will send details of our memorial choices to the Applicant. We always recommend a visit to the crematorium where you can take comfort and solace in the warmth of our dedicated family room as a member of staff advises you of the many different options available that will be personal and suited to your family wishes. At this time you may also like to walk around our garden and see the Columbarium wall where families have the option of interring their loved ones ashes.

Personalise your Service