Personalising your cremation service

There is no right or wrong way to have a cremation service – the service is a unique and special time for each family to say goodbye to their loved one in their own manner – this can be a religious service, a non denominational service, a gathering of friends and family or a musical tribute or even a combination of all - each family is different and each service is different.

We invite families to pick 3 pieces of music that are special to them, pieces that reflect their loved one, the life of their loved one or the type of service they wish to have. The first piece of music will be played as the remains are brought in to the chapel at the start of the service. We suggest the second piece be played midway through the service at a moment of pause, reflection and quiet contemplation – often families are invited forward to say a final goodbye by laying of a hand on the coffin or to give a final blessing at this time. The third and final piece of music is played at the end of the service – it is during this piece that the curtains which take the coffin out of sight will close.

We work with a double closing curtain system, the first curtain is a soft closing voile curtain – as this closes, the lights above the coffin will dim. The coffin remains visible lit by the warm glow of candlelight. Moments later a second curtain will softly close and thus take the coffin out of sight. As the chosen music finishes, this draws our service to a close We allow up to 45 minutes for each service thus allowing for readings, poetry, eulogies, prayer and music. An attendant will be in the chapel for the duration of the service and they will attend to the music and pictorial tributes in conjunction with the person co-ordinating or hosting the service.

Another way that we can help you to personalise your service is the provision of a photo/photos that can be displayed in the chapel during your service or maybe some of your loved one’s favourite possessions. These special items can be displayed on top of the coffin or on the shelves in the alcove We are here to ensure that you have the service that you want. We will work with your Funeral Director and help in any way we can.

personalize your service

Photo Montages and Individual Photographs

During the service in the chapel you may wish to have a holding image of your loved one displayed on our large screen at the front of the chapel or even have a montage of photographs set to a favourite piece of music played at a specific moment of the service. Contact our office to find out how this can be arranged.

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